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Long-sleeved shirt sizing

Men's sizes 

SIZE                            CHEST             LENGTH         CHEST             WAIST             HIP                  SLEEVE

                                    ‘TO FIT’                                   ACROSS         ACROSS         ACROSS

Small Adult                  39 inches        74.0cm             55.0cm             53.0cm             53.0cm             36.0cm

Medium Adult              41 inches        76.0cm             57.0cm             55.0cm             55.0cm             38.0cm

Large Adult                  43 inches        78.0cm             60.0cm             58.0cm             58.0cm             40.0cm

Extra Large Adult        46 inches        80.0cm             63.0cm             61.0cm             61.0cm             42.0cm

2X Large Adult             48 inches        82.0cm             66.0cm             64.0cm             64.0cm             44.0cm

3X Large Adult             50 inches        84.0cm             69.0cm             67.0cm             67.0cm             46.0cm

4X Large Adult             53 inches        86.0cm             72.0cm             70.0cm             70.0cm             48.0cm

5X Large Adult             55 inches        88.0cm             75.0cm             73.0cm             73.0cm             50.0cm





Ladies sizes 

SIZE                            BUST               LENGTH         CHEST             WAIST             HIP                  SLEEVE

                                    ‘TO FIT’                                   ACROSS         ACROSS         ACROSS

Ladies' 6                      32 inches        61.0cm             46.0cm             42.0cm             46.0cm             32.0cm

Ladies' 8                      34 inches        62.0cm             48.0cm             44.0cm             48.0cm             33.0cm

Ladies' 10                    36 inches        63.0cm             51.0cm             47.0cm             51.0cm             34.0cm

Ladies' 12                    38 inches        64.0cm             53.0cm             49.0cm             53.0cm             35.0cm

Ladies' 14                    39 inches        65.0cm             55.0cm             51.0cm             55.0cm             35.0cm

Ladies' 16                    41 inches        66.0cm             57.0cm             53.0cm             57.0cm             36.0cm

Ladies' 18                    43 inches        67.0cm             60.0cm             56.0cm             60.0cm             36.0cm

Ladies' 20                    46 inches        68.0cm             63.0cm             59.0cm             63.0cm             38.0cm