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Club Evening Mixed League Rules

1.     The League shall be played in accordance with the Rules as set down by D.G.Pickup

2.     The League shall be played as a Triples League (18 ends)

3.     In order to try and make teams equal in strength, players will be seeded

4.     Team Members will decided which position they play in.

5.     All games shall be played on Tuesday evening when possible. In the event that a team cannot play on the specified night, the game MUST be played within two weeks of the original date. Any changes must be relayed to Derek Pickup.

6.     Teams not turning up to play on the night scheduled will forfeit the game and a score of 5 shots to fifteen will be awarded to the non-defaulting team.

7.     There will be no trial ends. One shot will be scored on the first two ends.

8.     No number 2's up, Skips only at the head.

9.     Where a team can only field two players, the order of play will be:-

        The team with two players will each bowl four bowls.

        The sequence for the team with three players will be:- The lead and number two will bowl three bowls each and the skip will bowl two bowls

10.     The members of each team will decide what position they play in.

11.     In the event of teams finishing with an equal number of points, the winner will be decided on shots plus.

12.     Members who cannot play will be responsible for finding a replacement.

13.     Rink fees shall be £1.00 per game and will include tea and biscuits.

14.     All complaints shall be referred to Derek Pickup whose decision shall be FINAL.