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Club Competitions - Rules

Club Competitions Rules

1.     The Competition shall be played in accordance with the E.B.A. rules of the game

2.     Entry Fees shall be decided by the Management Committee

3.     With the exception of Singles, players will be seeded when teams are selected.

4.     All Four Wood Singles, with the exception of the Handicap Singles, shall be played to 21 shots. Two Wood Singles, Pairs and Fours shall be played to 21 ends.

5.     Substitutes shall be permitted, chosen from the Preliminary round of First Round Losers.

6.     All games must be played before the closing date of each round with exception where games are played on Play On dates. Closing dates will be decided by the Competitions Committee.

7.     All players shall be responsible for arranging games when necessary.

8.     Any disputes shall be referred to the Competitions Committee for consideration whose decision shall be final.

All Finals shall be played on dates as indicated on the Club Notice Board and shall be played in Full Whites.

Handicap Singles

When playing Handicap Singles, the Handicap you have been given will be added on to the 21 shots.

i.e. If you have a Handicap of 3, then the total shots you are required to get is 24 to win the game.

Any game played that does not adhere to this rule will be declared Null and void.